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06 December 2004


Lancelot Finn

Given that we won the election and I'm not feeling all that threatened by liberals at the moment, I'm probably too lazy to participate in a boycott myself. I'd love to see other people do it. (Economists call this a free-rider problem.)

Re: "Call me a hypocrite if you like, but I think the difference is crystal clear. Conservatives call on like minded folks to boycott certain things/companies/events or promote supporting those entities that share their values based on MORALS. Liberals call for the destruction of any person, business, group, or organization that does not agree with them."

But Alexander, liberals think it is immoral to disagree with them. So their boycotting IS based on morals!

I have a suggestion: rather than (or in addition to) boycotting COMPANIES that back liberal causes, it would be great if we could boycott liberal bias in the universities somehow. Get comprehensive indices of leftist slant on campuses, publish the lists, and encourage donors not to contribute to their alma maters if they've been hijacked by censorious liberals. Find conservative campuses, or found new ones if need be, and channel the money and the smart students there. We could try to engineer a rise of great universities in the South and West, in the Appalachians and the Gulf States and the Rockies, to eclipse the Ivy League and tug the country's intellectual center of gravity into the red states.

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