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29 September 2004



Good job to the yong MP. Wish I was nearby to help him copmpletely finish rhe job!!!! Hats off to serving your country. Thank God our country produces men like you.


Sorry for the errors in spelling in my earlier post. My two year old was trying to help me type.:)

Dan Patterson

Har-de Har Har.
I just love to hear about bullies getting their asses handed to them--in a style remniscent of Jennjis Kaaahn.



Something's fishy about this story... he was shot AT a Dunkin' Donuts, and no cops were around?

Duke DeLand

I experienced something similar years ago in Chicago when i visited "The windy" with a friend for a show, and then Pizza in "New Town"....we were walking back to our car when three thugs leaped out and wanted to rearrange our faces.

However, my companion was a 4th Dan Blackbelt in the arts....

He broke some noses, and eliminated their attack in so short a time I didn't even know what was going....

Loved every moment of it as these guys were clueless and helpless in the face of a serious "fire power" guy!


Way to go! If the would be killer spent some constructive time in the millitary instead of being a total jackass he might have been a better shot! Lucky for our MP! Always attack never retreat, not one step back. A good lesson for us all! HooRa! From a former grunt!

Army of Dad

Good on him!

Too bad this was in MA...had it been gun friendlier state he would have been able to draw his own gun and maybe avoid being shot altogether! Her certainly would not have had to fight the guy twice!

Cautiously Pessimistic

Don't shoot the MP; it'll just piss him off.

Good on ya, son!

Steve Poling

Does anybody know how one might paypal a few sheckles to Mr. Bailey to buy a round of his favorite potation?

Certain presidential aspirants should remember that a "global test" looks a less like a harvard yard chat session and a lot more like Mr. Bailey's confrontation.

Eric Blair

I am glad that turned out so well for the MP. Good Job.

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