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26 October 2004



I believe the proper term is "Soviet of Washington."

Ref: 1936 Speech by Postmaster General James Farley


Additional Comment:

Rural Snohomish County has had similar land-use disagreements with the more-populated I-5 corridor. To date, the balance of power on the County Council has been close enough that no land grab has been passed. However, the city of Everett is only slightly less Democratic than Seattle or Tacoma, so I suspect these actions (by King and Pierce counties) will exert pressure to the north as well. The new county executive (Aaron Reardon) is a young rising Democratic star. It will be interesting to see how he finesses this issue.


Even more comments:

May be too late for this election, except at the margins.

I've been told that ~60% of the WA State electorate now votes absentee, and based on the GOTV calling I've been doing this week, I suspect a substantial percentage has already voted.

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