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17 December 2004



Are you serious? Please tell me you spent a night or two someplace swanky for your birthday, and didn't actually fly up and down the country in one day for no other reason than your mvp status. Silly pamphleteer.


Milage Perks are the Crack Cocaine of the travel industry. Once you get just a little free first class upgrades, no lines at the ticket counter, express line at security you just CAN'T go back...I won't... you can't make me...
Now if I can just get another 9,000 miles before December 31st I get GOLD status...
Wonder if they'll come up with a platinum status, just a trip or two around the world and BAM! you're in...yeah, that's it...must go... must email Alaska Airlines to pitch Platinum MVP...(insert crazed maniacal laugh here...)


How you can afford it, I dunno.

But if I had my druthers, I'd go flying to a few places. Toronto to meet my friend Sandra Pupatello and trade a few yarns (but after the gubernatorial electoral morass - make that a LOT!).

Chicago to go to the top of the Sears Tower to say I did (I like architecture)...

New York City to get Rudy's autograph and pay my respects at WTC...

ANYWHERE BUT FLORIDA - because I'd be the butt of jokes there.

London to get Tony Blair's autograph (why not?!?)...

I jus hope you enjoy yourself. Try NOT to fly Airbus!

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