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14 December 2004



You forgot to mention that the King County Council Chair was one of the 561 people who had their vote initially disqualified.

I'm not quite ready to say that these 561 "missing signatures" were "fixed" after the election but as Hugh wrote "if it isn't close they can't cheat"....

Stefan Sharkansky

Breaking news. I heard Chris Vance say on Carlson that it's no longer 561, but 577!

Assuming that all of the 577 ballots are valid and they break proportionally as all of the previously counted absentee ballots, you'll get 550 two-party votes, with the remainder split between no-vote, Libertarian, write-in, etc. Of thoe two-party ballots, Gregoire would have a lead of 19.4%, or 106 votes from this group.

Mrs Hamilton's Pamphlets

Happy Birthday Honey!!!!



(I could care less about the math... this election is beyond prediction - hence the term: gubernatorial electoral morass)


Happy Birthday! (How old are you? C'mon, I won't tell.)

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