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15 December 2004



Hrmmm... Maybe the Polish President will have to come to Olympia and sit down with Dino and Chris and get them to shake hands. Should I start stocking up on orange carnations to put down the barrels of the rifles when we gather in the streets of the capital in peaceful protest?


This is typical of the Democratic Party. If you cannot win it legally, either complain about voter fraud, intimidation, discrimination and while the public is distracted, manufacture enough "lost" ballots to claim victory in a recount. Enjoy the victory this time, in four years, the state of Washington will turn red.


All you have to do to see the Democratic plan for close elections is look at what happened in the Eighth Congressional District of Indiana back in 1984. Things have never been the same since the (at that time) Deomcratically controlled Congress refused to seat the certified Republican winner, conducted their own recount, and ended up declaring the Democrat a winner by 4 votes and seated him, basically overturning the will of the people of that district. The "Bloody Eighth" provided a battle plan that Democrats are still using, and was the turning point that led to more confrontational politics in Washington DC ever since.


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