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29 December 2004





Congratulations! I like Leos. I'm a Leo. All my favourite people are Leos. My cat isn't a Leo, but she's my little lion, so that counts. If she isn't a Leo, well, Virgos are good, too. I've never really known one, personally, but they're supposed to be modest (always good) and conservative (desperately needed in the state of Washington).

I hope Mrs. Hamilton's Pamphlet's is feeling well.


Congrats! Must be going around. Just found out on Christmas Day that Armyson and wife are making up for his parents' zero population growth. God bless baby and all.



FYI, but no pressure: I've been dropping by 2-3X daily for your next pithy post on the gubernatorial electoral morass. Don't worry, I'm still on the case...

Congrats, again!

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