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31 January 2005



Yes it is. A word. That, however, was not a sentence. That was. That was not. And so on.

And my vote goes to the Abu Ghraib thing and impeaching Bush, cuz, well, "they did it to Clinton!"


Well, I think Dr. Dean will recusitate the Democrats.

I mean, either that or lose his Doctor's licence, eh?



Just curious--which part of the elections were hugely successful? The part where the Kurds voted overwhelmingly for independence? Or the part where despite the initial administration spin, it actually doesn't appear that many Sunnis voted at all?

Don't get me wrong--I think the elections were hugely important, because they were an essential predicate for the beginning of getting our troops out of Iraq. I truly hope that Bush's vision for democracy in the Middle East pans out. I am extremely skeptical, however, that an enterprise that has been this poorly conceived and executed from the beginning will turn out well in the end.

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