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28 February 2005



How much is it? Mine piggy backs on Peter's servers/space, and costs $5 a month, plus just my ninme.com's $8 a year. So basically the whole shebang, of which I have a mere drop in the bucket, costs $5. And I've always found it interesting that some of the big rich lucrative blogs use the same companies as you purists, even thought they must get tons of money for them to cover their own servers and domain registration.

Anyhoo, hope it keeps raining.

Nathan Azinger

I have a slightly different take on it. The way I figure it, if you've got people paying you to blog, either through donations or advertisements, you feel morally obligated to provide some content to justify taking the money. If you've got a free blog or pay to host your own, you post whenever you feel like it and don't feel the least bit guilty about missing a day or two. After all, if you're paying for it yourself you're doing it for yourself and have only yourself to please. If others pay for it, you're doing it for them and have to worry about pleasing them.

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