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31 March 2005


Nathan Azinger

"Is the Washington State Legislature stupid enough to establish California vehichle emissions here? If they want screwed up laws, high taxes, and over regulation why don't they just move BACK to California?"


Er, good point.

CDR Salamander

You are right on target on the post-Tailhook leadership challenge in Navy Air. What makes it worse, the Flag leadership is populated by the surviving Baby Boomers. Interesting population in some areas, with some interesting personnel management styles and C.V. I'll leave it at that.

There is good hope though. The batch of JOs I work with are outstanding people, with little patience with PC crap, and unlike most of their Senior Officers, they have significant combat experience. We just need to make sure that we promote the best of them, those that stay. There are a lot of snorklers there as well. Hopefully they will be shunned and allowed to go elsewhere..........I'm an optimist.

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