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07 April 2005


Mrs. Hamilton's Pamphlets

But I love you most!!!

Mr Bob

Man, I feel for you and can relate, but mine was not nearly that hard. My ex has been through three marriages since mine and my kids are now grown. They finally come and see dad whenever they want and one said to me the other day "you were too good for her"
It was nice, but I still would have rather seen my kids more than twice a month.

Josef of Josef's Public Journal

Man, those are sad stories. Pathetic the way "family court" is - or is it loony liberal court? All the best.

By the way, the carrier you talk about the Kuznetsov, as in the one w/ the ski jump and the Su-33s/Su-27Ks (same hot jet)? Had to ask, because I have a model of one of those jets on my desk.

Again, best of luck - you'll need it!!


Knock knock. Update? Anything?

Joel A. DiBacco

I read that story and it broke my heart to hear about how someone who served his country could get screwed by his own country's courts. We need to change some things. We need to reform the courts so that they look not at the sex of the parents, assuming the mother is the best one to raise the kids. They really need to look at the best parent, father or mother. I am currently a college student and going to major in Political Science, and I want to go into politics as way of serving my country. I will remember your story and that there are many stories just like it. I hope one day maybe I can play a part in changing the court systems, so that this doesn't happen again. God Bless You Alexander for serving our country, and I hope and pray for your future happiness.


Knock-knock. This thing on?


boohoo hoo. men need to be more careful about who they knock up, if they don't want to pay some bitch child support for the next 18 years. that is that, and that is all. there's NO excuse for deadbeat dads, not even "mom's a bitch."


Duuuuude. You have to come back now! Even the trolls are wandering through!

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