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21 January 2006


yvonne martinez

God created Adam and Eve! Jesus is coming for the righteous ones those are the ones that have repented of their sins,asked Jesus in their heart! I am disgusted about the fact,that SOMEONE is supporting this sick event,the W.H.Easter Egg Roll. In the Bible it says,"Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven;And he overthrew those cities ,and all the plain,and all the inhabitants of the cities,and that which grew upon the ground." it also says,"Thou shalt not lie with mankind,as with womankind:it is abomination." Christians ought not to support this sinful event.(Easter)Resurrection Day is the day our Lord Jesus Christ arose from the dead ,it should not be disgraced in this filthy manner! Isn't the president a Christian? I thought he was. No Christian in his right heart would support such sinful event! I have to be on the Lords side,I believe in him and that he will take me to Heaven one day, but all those sinners that will not change their wicked way of living will be cast in the lake of fire.That is why this whole nation is the way it is,because they have taken God out of our schools and alot of other places.All supporters of gays and lesbians will have to give an account to the Lord one day,what are you going to say,"we were just doing it for the kids." Jesus will then answer,"Depart from me ye workers of iniqiuty,for I never knew you." Repent and receive Jesus in your hearts!!!!!

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